Sarar which is the leader of Turkish garment industry started its commercial activities in Eskisehir in 1944. Today, the company that Abdurrahman Sarar laid its foundation in a tailor shop of 12 square meters has continued its manufacturing in the textile and garment sector with its three modern factories established on an area of 120.000 square meters in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Site, Sarev Home Textile and Shirt Factory established on an area of 185.000 square meters on the road to Eskisehir-Kütahya and lastly the Sarar Women Garment manufacturing unit in Bomonti, Istanbul.

Today, Sarar which competes with the world brands in the garment sector with five big manufacturing factories in Turkey and more than 5000 employees, high workmanship quality and tailormade sewing, has continued to offer service with more than 180 Sarar themed stores in 80 cities abroad and in 75 cities in Turkey as in 5 continents and 55 countries.

Sarar has more than 180 retail stores and more than 800 salespoints at home with the brands of Sarar Women, Interview Sarar, CCS, Sarar Scarf, Sarev and Sartoria Sarar. It has 85 concept stores abroad as 16 in Europe, 19 in USA and 51 in other countries.

In order to carry out branding, marketing and sales activities in European Union countries, the company of Sarar Europe was founded of which headquarter is located in Düsseldorf, Germany on 3 January 2000. As subject to this company where the wholesale and retail operations have been conducted in Europe, 15 retail sales stores which have Sarar concept were put into service in Europe as 7 in Germany, 1 in Austria, 1 in Spain, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Switzerland and 2 in Czech Republic.

Within the direction of same purposes, operations in USA has started in 2001. There are total of 19 retail sales stores which was opened in various states and cities of USA between the years of 2002-2015 and still has been carrying on business. As well as these stores, the products of Sarar have been put on sale in various shopping centers in the cities where there is no any Sarar store.

Sarar has also activities as the authorized dealer and spare part service station of Hyundai brand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles since 2001.

In terms of dealership again, Sarar has been offering service as the authorized dealer and spare part service station of Toyota brand passenger cars and light commercial since 1997.

Within this scope, Sarar Insurance which was put into service on 13 March 1995 has been carrying on business as the agency of leader insurance companies of sector.

Sarar has also business endeavours which main activity field is the informatics and technology has continued its activities as the sale and technical service of computer hardware, telephones and switchboard devices.

Sarar which has continued its activities in terms of giving acceleration to its non-textile investments, successfully continuing at home, has been planning to put 5 stars hotel with 240 rooms started to be constructed on a land of 10 decare in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul into operation in December 2017. It is aimed to put the hotel into operation which may be assessed within this direction and of which construction has continued in Düzce since 2014 and to put the boutique hotel which has started to be constructed by Porsuk Brook, Kızılcıklı Site, Eskisehir in 2014 into operation in June 2017. In the future, it is also planned to construct a 5 stars thermal hotelwith shopping center in Eskisehir Old Bus Terminal which was purchased in 2006. In addition to the hotel investments, Sarar aims to put the historical restaurant, started to be constructed in Odunpazarı in 2014, into the service of its clients in the first quarter of 2016 with the experience and elegancy understanding that it has received from the service quality in the textile.

Finally, Sarar which has received necessary permits for 1 Megawatt part of 14 Megawatt solar energy power plant planned to be constructed on a land of 270 decare on the road to Ankara has swiftly started to its works in this regard.

Sarev which is the home textile brand of Sarar has stepped in the sector at the end of 2005. The invariable object of Sarev which has been known in Turkey and in the world in a short time and has achieved to be strong brand; is to be one of the pioneer names of home textile sector in Turkey and in the world with its understanding of high quality originated from the tradition of Sarar and with its line that combines the modernity and naturality.

Sarar which has believed that it has completed its retailing growth in the national market has been planning to configure its sustainable growth strategy in future years by creating and developing new cooperations with Sarar Home Textile, Marketing, Franchising, Joint Venture and Know-How license contracts.